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Are you looking for a rare film?

Here are some guidelines.

1. First check the obvious places, like and
*or go to the .com sites if you are outside the UK.
2. If you can find the film you want but it is not in your region coding then contact us and we can arrange to convert it. For example you might not be able watch a region 1 dvd here in the UK. Another option is you might look at getting your dvd player unlocked.
3. Often you might find films on ebay and ioffer and you are not sure about the seller. In this case we can advise you as we source films from many suppliers.
4. If you have no luck at all with your Google searches then give us a call or drop us an email. We will see what we can do for you.

Films we are currently looking for on vhs or dvd:

Requested 21/11/23

Le Crepuscule des Loups 1988
The First Baby 1936

Older Requests

Dear Octopus, Margaret Lockwood, 1943
The Fur Collar, 1962
A Man's World, Marguerite Chapman, 1942
Dead Man's Shoes, Leslie Banks, 1940
Destination 60,000, Preston Foster, 1958
Double Date, Edmund Lowe, 1941
Girl in the Woods, Forrest Tucker, 1957
Goodbye Broadway, Alice Brady, 1938
Hello God, Errol Flynn, 1951
Hot Rod Hullaaloo, John Arnold, 1966
I Like It That Way, Gloria Stuart, 1934
It’s Great to Be Young, Leslie Brooks, 1946
Laugh Your Blues Away, Jinx Falkenburg, 1943
Let’s Make a Night of It, Buddy Rogers, 1938
Menace (Face) in the Night, Griffith Jones, 1957
Moro Witch Doctor, Jock Mahoney, 1964
Navajo Run ,Johnny Seven, 1964
Oh, Doctor!, Edward Everett Horton, 1937
Reckless Living, Nan Gray, 1938
Rhythm Inn, Jane Frazee, 1951
Romance in the Rain, Roger Pryor, 1934
She Has What It Takes, Jinx Falkenburg, 1943
Sing For Your Supper, Jinx Falkenburg, 1941
Star For A Night, Claire Trevor, 1935
Stars on Parade, Larry Parks, 1944
Street of Darkness, Robert Keys, 1958
Tahiti Nights, Jinx Falkenburg, 1945
Taxi, Dan Dailey, 1952
That's My Story, William Lundigan, 1938
The Avengers, John Carroll, 1950
The Firebrand, Valentin de Vargas, 1962
The Fourth Alarm, Nick Stuart, 1930
The Gentleman Misbehaves, Bob Haymes, 1946
The Good Old Days, Martia Hunt, 1940
The High Powered Rifle, Willard Parker,1966
The Last Express, Kent Taylor, 1938
The Missing People, Will Fyffe, 1940
The Naked Brigade, Shirley Eaton, 1965
The Song and Dance Man, Claire Trevor, 1936
The Sweetheart of the Fleet, Joan Davis, 1942
The Third Alarm, James Hall, 1930
The Trunk, Phil Carey, 1961
Too Dangerous to Live, Sebastian Shaw, 1939
Top Sergeant Mulligan, Nat Pendleton, 1941
Treachery on the High Seas, Bebe Daniels, 1936
Two’s Company, Gordon Harker, 1936
Valley of the Redwoods, John Hudson, 1960
Vertiges (1985)
Wanted By Scotland Yard, James Stephenson, 1939
Wings of Chance, James Brown, 1961
Wings Over Africa, Joan Gardner, 1936
Young As You Feel, veronica Lake, 1940

Requested 30/10/18

Bitter Heritage 1978 Rory Calhoun
Lone Star Ranger 1942 John Kimbrough
Lawless Rider 1954 John Carpenter
Urgent Call aka Against the Law 1934 Johnny Mack Brown

Requested 31/10/18

Overland Bound 1929 Jack Perrin
Beyond the Rio Grande 1939 Jack Perrin
Ridin' Law 1930 Jack Perrin
Wild West Whoopee 1931 Jack Perrin
The Sheriff's Secret 1931 Jack Perrin
Lariats and Six Shooters 1931 (aka The Fearless Deputy) Jack Perrin
The Mysterious Rider 1932 (aka 45 Calibre Echo) Jack Perrin (Believed lost)
Bar-L Ranch 1930 Buffalo Bill Jr
Cheyenne Kid 1930 Buffalo Bill Jr
Riders of the Golden Gulch 1932 Buffalo Bill Jr
The Reckless Rider 1932 (aka The Law Demands) Lane chandler
Battling Buckaroo 1932 Lane Chandler (aka His Last Adventure)
Riders of the Rio 1930 Lane Chandler
The Singing Dude 1940 Dennis Morgan
Trails of Danger (Trails of Peril) 1930 Wally Wales
Hell's Valley 1931 Wally Wales
The Arm of the Law 1932 Rex Bell
The Man from Arizona 1932 Rex Bell
Ranger's Code 1933 Bob Steele
Trigger Law 1944 Bob Steele
Land of Fighting Men 1938 Jack Randall
Riders from Nowhere 1940 Jack Randall
The Dude Wrangler 1930 (aka Feminie Touch) Tom Keene
Romance of the Rockies 1937 Tom Keene
Land of Wanted Men 1931 Bill Cody
Dugan of the Badlands 1931 Bill Cody
The Lone Trail 1932 Rex Lease
The Parting of the Trails 1930 Bob Custer
Lightnin' Smith Returns 1931 Buddy Roosevelt
Song of the Buckaroo 1938 Tex Ritter
Champagne for Breakfast 1935 Mary Carlisle
Cheaters 1934 Dorothy Mackaill
Hard-Boiled Haggerty 1927 Milton Sills
No Ransom 1934 Leila Hyams
Operation Delilah 1967 Rory Calhoun
Our Man in Bagdad 1966 Rory Calhoun
Revenge of Bigfoot 1979
Symphony in Two Flats 1930 Ivor Novello
The Jazz Age 1929 Marceline Day
When Strangers Meet 1934 Richard Cromwell

Requested 10/07/19

Against the Law 1934
Black Jack 1972 (Wild in the Sky)
Blonde Blackmailer 1958
Country Fair 1941
Desert Hell 1958
Harlem on the Prairie 1938
Home on the Range 1935
Hot Rod Hullabaloo 1966
Jiggs and Maggie in Court 1948
Jiggs and Maggie in Society 1948
Laughing at Danger 1946
Moon Over Her Shoulder 1941
Nevada 1935
No Place to Hide 1956
Outlaw Queen 1959
Red Cloak 1961
Sunset Pass 1933
Taku 1937
The Border Legion 1940
The Border Patrolman 1936
The Farmer 1977 (believed to be in UCLA archive only)
The Horror 1932
The Lawless Rider 1954
The Woman with No Name 1950
The Yukon Patrol 1942
Under the Tonto Rim 1933
Unmasked 1929
Urubu 1948
Wanderer of the Wasteland 1935
West of the Pecos 1935
Wild Horse Mesa 1932

R Mann

Operation Snatch 1962
Follow That Horse 1960
The Silken Affair 1956
The Frog 1937
Blondes For Danger 1939
White Face 1932
This Man In Paris 1939
Sexton Blake & The Bearded Doctor 1935
Reluctant Heroes 1951


Waterfront At Midnight 1948
The Long Knife 1958
Murder Will Out 1939
Echo Of Barbara 1961
In The Wake Of A Stranger 1959
Dark Secret 1945
Fingers 1941
Blueprint For Danger (The Wallet) 1952
Street of Darkness 1958
The Professionals 1960 (D Sharp)
Now Barabas (was a robber) 1949
Thy Neighbors Wife 1952
Two For Danger 1940

A Guy Called Caesar 1962
Hot Ice 1952
The Great Swindle 1941
Held In Trust 1949
The Fatal Night 1948
Night Without Pity 1961
Journey Ahead 1957
Once A Crook 1941
Chelsea Story 1951
European Assignment 1950
A Woman’s Temptation 1959

The Eleventh Hour 1963
Youth on Trial 1945
A Guy, a Gal and a Pal 1945
Children of Dust 1923
The Age of Desire 1923
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting 1925
Wages for Wives 1925
The First Year 1926
For the Love of Mike 1927
The Way of the Strong 1928
The Donovan Affair 1929
The Return of Rusty 1946
A Matter of Morals 1960
Under Suspicion 1939
Fifty-Fifty 1916
15 Maiden Lane 1936
Woman-Wise 1937
The Winner's Circle 1948
Distant Trumpet 1952
High Jinks in Society 1949
Under the Tonto Rim 1933
Wild Horse Mesa 1932
Echo of Barbara 1961
The Adventures of Don Coyote 1947
The French Peep Show 1950 - considered lost
Talk of the Devil 1936
Who's Your Lady Friend? 1937
Revenge of the Elephant Man 2004
The Gentlemen Misbehaves 1946
The Fiercest Heart 1961
No Time for Flowers 1952


The First Gentleman 1948
Two For Danger 1940
The Spider 1940
Old Iron 1939
Men of Yesterday 1936
Her Last Affaire 1935
The Blue Squadron 1934
Nine Forty-Five 1934
Flat Number Three 1934
The Silver Spoon 1934

The Love Specialist (1958) Diana Dors, English Audio Version


Man Who Couldn't Walk 1962
Penn of Pennsylvania 1942
Room for Two 1940


Beyond the Law 1934
Hell Bent for Love 1934
Speed Wings 1934
Waterfront at Midnight
Some Blondes are Dangerous 1937
Flying Hostess 1936
The Line Up 1934

S. Deane

The Desperate Miles (1975)

D. Taylor

Walking on Air (1946)
Stranglehold (1963)
Hound Dog Man (1959)
The Way To The Gold (1958)

British Crime list for M Wells

The Black Thirteen (1954)
The Man Who Couldn't Walk (1960)
One Just Man (1955)
A Question of Suspense (1961)

Links of Justice (1958)
No Safety Ahead (1959)

At the Stroke of Nine (1956)
Count of Twelve (1956)
Death Over My Shoulder (1958)
Date at Midnight (1960)
Face in the Night (1957)
Farewell Performance (1963)
The Long Knife (1959)
The Murder Game (1966)
Murder Reported (1957)
Night Without Pity (1966)
The Professionals (1960)
Robbery with Violence (1959)
The Switch (1964)
Snowball (1960)
A Taste of Money (1961)
Web of Suspicion (1960)
The Witness (1959)

Robert B.

Natchez Trace (1960) Zachary Scott
Miracle of the Hills (1959)
Devil's Bedroom aka Fury of Vengeance (1964)


Le Grand Dadais (aka The Big Softie) 1967Jacques Perrin
The Loner 1973 Hardy Kruger
The Phony American 1961 William Bendix
A Woman Needs Loving 1969 Eva Renzi
The World in My Pocket 1961 Rod Steiger
Make Love Not War 1967 Catherine Spaak


While the Sun Shines (1947)
Flame and the Flesh (1954)
Merry-Go-Round (1948)
Them Nice Americans (1958)

Brian Scott

In Search of Charlie Chaplin (1971)
TV variety show with Tommy Steele.


Worm's Eye View (1950) with Ronald Shiner
My Wife's Family (1956) with Ted Ray


Two-Man Submarine (1944)
I Cheated the Law (1949)


The Wounds of Hunger (1963)


Private Nurse (1941)
Married Bachelor (1941)
Moon Over Her Shoulder (1941)

Tracey Newman

Looking for rare Jeremy Brett appearances:
Quite An Ordinary Knife (1967)
Tess - ITV Play (1960)
The Last Visitor (1982)
Solo (1970)
Casanova (1966)

We're looking for the New Zealand Musical:
Don't Let it Get You (1966) - Kiri Te Kanawa, Howard Morrison


Pride of Maryland (1951) Frankie Darro and Stanley Clements
Tough Kid (1938)
Rocky (1948)
Right to the Heart (1942)
Laughing at Danger (1940)
Jet Job (1954)
Army Bound (1952)
White Lightning (1953)
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