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Mara of the Wildrness [1965] [DVD]

Adam West (actor)
Lori Saunders (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 91 min
Quality: Excellent, Colour, Widescreen.

A well-acted, quietly haunting little film boasting excellent location photography with Deschutes National Forest in Oregon standing in for Alaska, and attractive lead performances by the late Adam West and by Linda Saunders, as she then was. Wild girl Mara Wade, orphaned at 7 by a bear and raised by wolves, is assumed dead until 12 years later handsome hero West and ruthless hunter Theo Marcuse simultaneously stumble over her and things get ugly.
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Mara of the Wildrness [1965] [DVD]
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Mara of the Wilderness
[1965] [DVD]
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