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Deadly Strangers [1974] [DVD]

Hayley Mills (actor)
Simon Ward (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 88 min
Quality: Excellent

A man and woman meet on the side of a road and decide to share a ride. It is revealed that there is a raving psychopath on the loose and it is pretty obvious that it is one of these two people.

An effective suspense story with terrific performances by Hayley Mills and Simon Ward. Though the story may at first seem like a transparent / psycho-on-the-loose chiller, the film has some strikingly effective new twists, and there are enough red herrings for two films!

*This film has hardly been shown since the 1970's so it is quite a treat to be able to watch it again and the transfer is very good, beware of other dvds as there are some really poor ones out there.
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Deadly Strangers [1974] dvd
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