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Utah Blaine [1957] [DVD]

Rory Calhoun (actor)
Susan Cummings (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h15m
Quality: Digital, widescreen, b/w

When Utah Blaine rescues Joe Neal from being lynched by a pack of land-grabbing vigilantes, Joe hires Utah has his ranch foreman. Aided at first by only a fellow gunslinger, Utah gradually rallies the townsman to his cause for a climatic showdown with Russ Nevers, his murderous henchman Rink Witter and their pack of range-wolves ~ imdb

Top review: Rory Calhoun proved himself an action hero, a two-gun action hero, in this fast-moving, and often exciting minor A Western. And he had to prove himself so with such an excellent cast of first-rate players. His female lead was the beautiful - although outrageously padded - Susan Cummings, who also proved herself a first-rate actress who should have many more first-rate parts. Her character was a strong and courageous woman, a type not seen often enough in any film but perhaps especially so in Westerns, where they mostly are present to be rescued or protected. This Western heroine wields a shotgun and drives off the bad guys if they get too close. Max Baer, the boxing champ, was another excellent actor and I had never seen him in a Western. He should have had his own series, playing the big and strong hero. He shows himself fully capable of it in this film. Ray Teal is such a strong personality he almost steals "Utah Blaine" from its star -- and he plays the chief bad guy! This is a striking performance, and proof positive Mr. Teal could have played any kind of role. Director Fred Sears leads his cast and crew admirably, and also proves himself a first-rate director, deserving of bigger-budget pictures and respect.
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Utah Blaine [1957] [DVD]
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Utah Blaine
[1957] [DVD]
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