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The Wicked Lady [1983] [DVD]

Faye Dunaway (actor)
Alan Bates (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 98 min
Quality: Digital widescreen

Michael Winner's Technicolor remake of the effective 1945 hokum that made Margaret Lockwood a star fields Faye Dunaway as the amoral “lady” who takes up with a highwayman.

Winner's version is in dubious taste, frankly exploitative and trashy in its unashamed injection of sex and violence, and famously caused a furore with the censors over a scene in which Dunaway takes a whip to another woman (Marina Sirtis, later to play Counsellor Troi in Star Trek: the Next Generation), ripping her clothes to shreds.

Questionable though it may be, however, the movie is enjoyably high camp and efficiently made. Alan Bates is the highwayman, while John Gielgud is one of several other unlikely cast members.
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The Wicked Lady [1983] [DVD]
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