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The Strange Case of Dr. Meade [1938] [DVD]

Jack Holt (actor)
Beverly Roberts (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h
Quality: Good, 4:3, b/w, unrestored

Doctor Meade (Jack Holt), a New York City doctor, while taking a vacation in the mountain country of Kentucky, comes across Doctor Hazard (Paul Everton) and his nurse Bonnie (Beverly Roberts) who substitute herbs and folklore for medicine. When a typhoid epidemic is shrugged off by Hazard as a mere summer ailment, Meade then takes on the task of overcoming superstition, opposition, ignorance and herbal remedies , in order to save many lives. And nearly gets lynched in the process. ~ imdb
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The Strange Case of Dr. Meade [1938] [DVD]
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The Strange Case of Dr. Meade
[1938] [DVD]
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