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The Mongols [1961] [DVD]

Jack Palance (actor)
Anita Ekberg (actor)
Format: all region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 116 min
Quality: Digital Widescreen (Full 2.35:1 letterboxed inside a 16:9 widescreen frame).

Jack Palance stars as Ogotai, son of Genghis Khan, who invades Europe in AD 1240 and gets as far as Cracow, Poland, where the local bigwig, Franco Silva, tries to negotiate peace. Also in the invasion party is the absurdly statuesque Anita Ekberg who, like her beloved Ogotai, leads from the front. Palance goes from one outlandish act of cruelty to the next, grinning madly and dressed in the height of Mongol fashion.

Such sadism, though, doesn't quite prepare us for the masochism of the climax. Made in Italy by no less than three directors, it has the usual hilarious dubbing.

Note this is the full length Italian version, dubbed into English.
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The Mongols [1961] [DVD]
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