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The Keyhole [1933] [DVD]

Kay Francis (actor)
George Brent (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 69m
Quality: Digital, 4:3, b/w.

Ann (Kay Francis), currently married to wealthy Schuyler Brooks (Henry Kolker), suddenly hears from her ex-husband, Maurice (Monroe Owsley), that he never completed the divorce proceedings and now wants hush money. Schuyler's sister (Helen Ware) advises Ann to sail to Cuba, thinking that Maurice will follow and then, since he is not American, be unable to re-enter the United States. However, Schuyler, jealous that Ann is traveling without him, sends detective Neil (George Brent) to follow her.
The Keyhole [1933] [DVD]
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The Keyhole
[1933] [DVD]
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