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The Ghost of Rashmon Hall [1934] [DVD]

Valentine Dyall (actor)
Anne Howard (actor)

Format: all-region
Runtime: 52m
Quality: Very good, b/w, 4:3

"This film is based on a short story by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton entitled 'The Haunters and the Haunted'. The film has come to be generally known by an alternative title as THE GHOST OF RASHMON HALL, but that is a mistake, presumably originating from some dyslexic person. The house in the film is not Rashmon Hall but Ramelsham Hall. We hear the correct name pronounced distinctly and see it written down in a book which the camera is shown. Few people have seen this rare film. Much of this film was made inside a genuine semi-derelict mansion, and that gives it a much more authentic atmosphere. The lead character is played by the extraordinary actor Valentine Dyall, very tall, droll, and mysterious. He has an insight into paranormal phenomena which his friends lack. Unfortunately, the appearances of ghosts in this film are very corny and done without finesse, obviously for lack of funds for special effects. Otherwise, the film is a remarkable period piece full of voices, mannerisms, and behavioural patterns which don't exist anymore, and is another one of those amazing 'social documents' for which old movies are so useful. The film has a surprise ending which no one could guess, so don't try. The director has attempted with the lowest of budgets to suggest an atmosphere of horror while showing next to nothing. Taking some lessons from Carl Dreyer's VAMPYR (1932) perhaps, the director Denis Kavanagh (in his second film, and he only made eight in his career) concentrates effectively on such simple things as a relentlessly dripping tap (which its sound magnified) and a swinging door, shadows, and the suggestion of horror rather than in showing us anything much. Dyall's eerie performance makes the whole project work. The film is an intriguing example of its genre for such a low budget production." ~ imdb

Also known as Night Comes Too Soon (1948)
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The Ghost of Rashmon Hall [1934] [DVD]
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The Ghost of Rashmon Hall
[1934] [DVD]
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