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The Corsican Brothers [1941] [DVD]

Douglas Fairbanks, jr (actor)
Ruth Warwick (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h 51m
Quality: Digital, b/w, 4:3

Cultured Mario (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and outlaw Lucien (also Fairbanks Jr.), twins separated at birth, join forces to avenge their parents' death at the hands of evil Colonna (Akim Tamiroff). Because each feels all the same sensations experienced by the other, swordplay is difficult for them. Worse yet, raised very differently, they struggle to find common ground between their conflicting personalities. But to defeat their enemy, the two will have to overcome the obstacles and work as a team.
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The Corsican Brothers [1941] [DVD]
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The Corsican Brothers
[1941] [DVD]
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