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The Case Against Mrs Ames [1936] [DVD]

Madeleine Carroll (actor)
George Brent (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h 25m
Quality: Very good 4:3 b/w

When the story begins, Hope Ames (Madeleine Carroll) is on trial for her life. It seems they believe she murdered her husband. However, despite the prosecutor, Matt Logan (George Brent), believing the case is going to be easily won, she's found not guilty. This, however, is not the end of Hope's problems as her mother-in-law is now suing for custody and the old woman seems willing to do just about anything to get the child away from its mother. - imdb.
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The Case Against Mrs Ames [1936] [DVD]
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The Case Against Mrs Ames
[1936] [DVD]
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