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Tears for Simon [1956] [DVD]

David Farrar (actor)
Thora Hird (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 86 min
Quality: Excellent

This film succeeds because it confronts every parent's nightmare: what happens when you suddenly look away and find your child is missing when you look back? Of course, this being a class-riddled Rank picture, it's the nanny who loses the baby, but it's pretty harrowing nonetheless, despite the casting of insipid David Knight and Julia Arnall as baby Simon's parents.

Granite-faced cop David Farrar is on hand to bring grit to screenwriter Janet Green's earnest chase movie, and not-so-hidden among the red herrings are a welter of British character players, with particularly impressive work from Thora Hird. The little-known Anna Turner also gives a fine performance as the tormented baby-snatcher, and Harry Waxman's colour location photography is superb, but the cliff-top climax is a little hard to believe.

Crime drama starring David Farrar and David Knight. The comfortable London life of an American diplomat and his wife is turned on its head when their baby is kidnapped.
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Tears for Simon [1956] [DVD]
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