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Road House [1934] [DVD]

Violet Loraine (actor)
Gordon Harker (actor)
Stanley Holloway (actor)
Emlyn Williams (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h16m
Quality: Excellent, 4:3, b/w

The story centers on Belle (Violet Loraine), a barmaid when the story begins. She's in love with Archie, but it takes him a long time to notice her. Fortunately for Belle, he eventually does. They marry but then WWI begins and Archie is killed. Now Belle is stuck...having to work but with a baby! So, she gives the baby to her sister to raise and soon Belle is the belle of the she now is a dancehall star. This goes on for time, that is, until her voice gives out....and she's back to working in the bar...which is now owned by her good friend, Sam (Gordon Harker). He is obviously in love with Belle...though like Archie earlier in the story, it takes her a long time to notice! Sam convinces Belle to sing in his fancy pub...and soon she's back to her old ways and she's adored by the public. While things sound marvelous, there are a couple BIG problems looming. Sam's partners in this pub turned nightclub are a couple rogues (including George Zucco)...and Belle can see right through them. In addition, Belle's now grown daughter has fallen in love with one of these jerks...and Belle is worried that she doesn't realize he's not only a thief but is already married!! What's next? See the'll be glad you did.
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Road House [1934] [DVD]
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Road House
[1934] [DVD]
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