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Quiet Wedding [1941] [DVD]

Maragret Lockwood (actor)
Derek Farr (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 77 min
Quality: Acceptable. Some graininess.

Based on a very successful stage play, this delightful British romantic comedy stars a fresh and charming Margaret Lockwood in her pre-Wicked Lady days. The escalation of wedding plans - culminating in the arrival of an army of objectionable relatives - overwhelms Lockwood's bride-to-be, causes tension with hapless groom Derek Farr and threatens not only to scupper their entire relationship, but also the wedding itself.

Stylishly directed by Anthony Asquith, the movie benefits from a stand-out cast of supporting players, notably Athene Seyler. It was remade as Happy Is the Bride in 1957 with Janette Scott and Ian Carmichael. Not the best quality but all that's out there it seems.
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Quiet Wedding [1941] dvd
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