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Peplum Movies on DVD

The list below is our collection of Peplum movies mostly made back in the 60s that have been transferred to dvd. The dialogue is usually either Italian, English, a mixture of both or English dubbed. The quality is not bad on most of them, some have a cine feel about them. Most are widescreen. Any of these titles can be ordered on dvd as disc-only (in plastic wallet) for £10 (inludes shipping). Our special offers do not apply to these titles.

New DVD's for 2019

Last of the Vikings (1961)
Ursus in the Valley of the Lion (1962)
Conqueror of Maracaibo (1961)
Three Swords for Rome (1964)
La Rivolta Dei Mercanari (1964)
La Furia Dei Barbari (1960)
Avenger of the Seven Seas (1962)
The Warrior Empress (1960)
Coriolanus, Hero without a Country (1963)
In The Shadow of the Eagles (1966)
Terror of the Steppes (1964)
The Saracens (1963)
Samson Against the Sheik (1962)
Falcon of the Desert (1965)
The Secret Seven (1963)
Goddess of Love (1958)
Terror of the Red Mask (1960)

New DVD's for 2019

Pontius Pilot (1962)
Hercules of the Desert (1964)
The Golden Arrow (1962)
The Avenger of Venice (1964)
The Pirate of the Black Hawk (1958)
La Mascara de Scaramouche (1963)
Samson Against the Black Corsair (1964)
Il Cavaliere Dai Centro Volti (1960)
La Ruee des Vikings (1961)
Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules (1964)
Triumph of Maciste (1961)
Slave Queen of Babylon (1963)
Amazons of Rome (1961)

New DVD's for January 2020

Suleiman the Conqueror (1961)
La Regina dei Tartari (1960)
Ursus and the Tartar Princess (1961)
The Violent Patriot (1956)
Saladin (1963)
Frine, cortigiana d'Oriente (1953)
The Seven Revenges (1961)
Kerim Son of the Sheik (1962)
Ursus the Rebel Gladiator (1962)
Captain Fantasma (1953)
Desert Warrior (1957)
Il Pirata Del Diavolo (1963)
Il Conquistatore Di Atlantide (1965)
Il Ladro Di Damasco (1964)
The Triumph of Robin Hood (1962)
La Sette Fatiche Di Alibaba (1962)
Il Figlio Di Aquila Nera (1968)
Caesar Against the Pirates (1962)
The Secret Seven (1963)
The Avenger of Venice (1964)
Three Swords for Rome (1964)
Terror of the Steppes (1964)

New DVD's for June 2020

Secret of the Black Falcon (1961) - English dubbed.
La Regina dei Tartari (1960)
Legion of the Nile (1959)

New DVD's for July 2022

Legions of the Nile (1959)
The Mighty Crusaders (1958)
The Spartan Gladiators (1964)
Gladiator of Rome (1962)
Captain Fuoco (1958)
I Cosacchi (1959)
La Spada Della Vendetta (1961)
The Glass Sphinx (1967)

Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops
Defeat of the Barbarians (1962)
Duel of Champions (1961)
Invasion of the Normans (1962)
Revenge of the Conquered (1961)
Revolt of the Barbarians (1964)
Sword of the Empire (1965)
The Fury of Hercules (1961)
The Pharoah's Woman (1960)
The Sword and the Cross (1958) (upgrade from previous version)

New DVD's for July 2024

The Sins of Jezebel (1953)
Il Cavaliere dalla Spada Nera (1956)
The Siege of Syracuse (1960)

If you are interested in any of these please submit an enquiry by using the contact us form. We assume you have knowledge of Peplum titles, the quality of the transfers to dvd you can expect and acknowledge the films could be in their native language and may not have subtitles. Please also note that many of these titles were released under different names in various countries, the US version is often different to the UK title and there is always an Italian name. We are happy to answer any questions about any of these titles.
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