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Passport to Terror [1989] [DVD]

Lee Remick (actor)
Norma Aleandro (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 100 min
Quality: Vhs transfer

Lee Remick is Gene LePere, an American imprisoned in Turkey accused of smuggling antiquities. Whilst much is made of Remick's blonde hair in a country of dark women, and her fear is believable, she isn't the heroic type, so her repeatedly being told how admirable she is, is unintentionally funny.

The teleplay by Rose Leiman Goldemberg based on LePere's book Never Pass This Way Again presents Gene's purchase of the items as by street thug intimidation, as a clue that something bad will come of it, though Gene's experience in prison isn't as horrific as it might have been. It's a pity Goldemberg doesn't give us anything about Gene's previous life in New York, since the narrative begins with Gene on the cruiseliner, since the only family connection she appears to have is an ex-husband.

Director Lou Antonio uses the music score of Paul Chihara well, and provides a conversation between Gene and her lawyer Isha (Norma Aleandro) in silhouette. The ending isn't a surprise, particularly when you cast Remick, but at least it's not too easy.
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 Passport to Terror [1989] [DVD]
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