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Overland Trails [1948] [DVD]

Johnny Mack Brown (actor)
Raymond Hatton (actor)
Virginia Belont (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 52m
Quality: Very good, 4:3, b/w.

*spoilers - Johnny Murdock, who hasn't seen his father for some time, learns at Gold Flats that he has been killed by road agents, according to mining engineer Carter Morgan of Brandon Enterprises. He doesn't inform Johnny that Mark Brandon has secretly inherited the rich claim.

Johnny's old friend, Dusty Hanover, gives Johnny an old poster which shows Brandon to be an escaped convict. They advise prospector Cramer to keep quiet about his own gold strike, but he partly reveals the location to Morgan before he is killed by Brandon's henchmen, while en route to the recorder's office. Mary Cramer is informed by Johnny of her husband's murder. Their young son, Bud, has a letter from his father which indicates the strike to be under a peculiarly-shaped rock. Brandon kills himself when Johnny confronts him with the old wanted poster.

Brandon's daughter, Marcia, blames Johnny and in revenge reveals to the public that Cramer's strike is on Dead Man's Basin. Morgan orders the wagon train destined for the gold area to be wiped out by his men posing as Indians, but Johnny and Dusty help Mary and Marcia escape.

The strange rock and the gold are discovered by Johnny, and Mary becomes a rich woman. Morgan is killed by Johnny in a gun fight, and he and Marcia make plans for their future happiness.
Price: £14.95


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Overland Trails [1948] [DVD]
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Overland Trails
[1948] [DVD]
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