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Night of the Juggler [1980] [DVD]

James Brolin (actor)
Cliff Gorman (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 90 min
Quality: Vhs transfer

Despite its title, this has nothing to do with nocturnal clowns practising with their balls. Instead it's an overblown urban thriller that achieves the rare feat of making New York look even uglier than it is in real life. When his daughter is mistakenly kidnapped by a candidate for “psycho of the month”, ex-cop James Brolin trashes the city looking for her. Robert Butler, who replaced Sidney J Furie as director, brings undoubted technical craft to the numerous scenes of car crashes, but he seems rather less interested in the human beings in the cast.

Poor Brolin hardly makes an impact and it's strange to think he once tested for the James Bond role, today he's best known as Mr Barbra Streisand. Look out for Mandy Patinkin playing a taxi driver.
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Night of the Juggler [1980] [DVD]
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