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Mountain Justice [1937] [DVD]

Josephine Hutchinson (actor)
George Brent (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 82m
Quality: Digital, 4:3, TCM logo

Backwoods nurse Josephine Hutchinson and doctor Guy Kibbee want to start a series of clinics to help the poor people who can't afford medical attention. Unfortunately, Hutchinson is saddled with an abusive father (Robert Barrat) who uses his temper to keep his wife (Elisabeth Risdon) and two daughters (Hutchinson, Marcia Mae Jones) in line. With the help of doctor Kibbee and his spinster fiancée (wicked witch Margaret Hamilton), Hutchinson escapes to the city for training, and comes back to fulfill her dream with Kibbee. Unfortunately, her father is unwilling to take her back into his life, and takes his frustrations out on younger daughter Jones. When Jones turns to her older sister for help, an accidental death puts Hutchinson on trial for murder. Her New York lawyer beau George Brent comes to the mountains to help her, leading the way to a gripping conclusion.
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Mountain Justice [1937] [DVD]
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Mountain Justice
[1937] [DVD]
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