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Mickey [1948] [DVD]

Lois Butler (actor)
Bill Goodwin (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Quality: Very good, 4:3, Colour
*unrestored, there are some occasional vertical stripes, where this has been transferred from original film. It was considered lost so we guess the reels were found and someone did the transfer.

A young girl is constantly getting into trouble and embarrassing her father, who finally puts his foot down.

"Back in the '50s, before the major studios released their old movies to TV, several so-called "poverty row" companies (Republic, Monogram, PRC, etc.) filled the void with the television equivalent of "garage sales" of their low-budget 'B' products. Because of the paucity of old movies on TV in that era, a number of these films were shown over and over again--and proved, to viewers' delight, that an economy budget didn't necessarily spell mediocrity. Case in point: Eagle-Lion's sprightly "Mickey," a thoroughly disarming tale of a feisty teenaged tomboy coming of age in small-town America. A charming young actress with a lilting soprano voice, Lois Butler played the title role, supported by such pros as Bill Goodwin as her understanding widowed Dad, and the always-lovely Irene Hervey as their next-door neighbor. The likeable Skip Homeier supplied additional charm as Mickey's highschool crush, and the magnificent Hattie McDaniel added her customary zing as--what else?--the wisecracking housekeeper. Released the same year as MGM's glossy, big-budget, all-star "A Date with Judy" (1948), "Mickey" was no match for that MGM blockbuster but exudes its own unpretentious charm. A dated artifact of its era, to be sure, but nevertheless a breezy, endearing portrayal of the trials and tribulations of small-town teenagers way back when. Films like "Mickey" shouldn't be ridiculed and forgotten but cherished and enjoyed for their candy-coated portrayal of a bygone era. A la Jane Powell, Ms. Butler even gets to sing a few tunes (most memorably "Someday My Prince Will Come") and the pleasing production is further enhanced by the pasteled Cinecolor cinematography." ~imdb
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Mickey [1948] [DVD]
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[1948] [DVD]
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