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Kitten With A Whip [1964] [DVD]

Ann-Margret (actor)
John Forsythe (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 82 min
Quality: Digital

Ann-Margret stars in this low-budget exploitation thriller about a juvenile delinquent who escapes from a detention centre and forces her way into the home of a politician (John Forsythe). Refusing to leave, she threatens to call the police and implicate him in a sex scandal. Then she calls in a pair of thugs who provide some mildly titillating thrills and purely gratuitous violence.

A cross between the Roger Corman-style teen pic and The Desperate Hours, it veers between the substandard and the subversive, with Ann-Margret careering convincingly out of control.
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Kitten With A Whip [1964] [DVD]
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