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Johnny Stool Pigeon [1949] [DVD]

Howard Duff (actor)
Shelley Winters (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 71 min
Quality: Good.
*by comparison with other versions

This capable example of the semi-documentary crime film of the late 1940s, which comes complete with the usual voiceover narration, stars Dan Duryea as a gangster released from prison to help detective Howard Duff round up a drug-trafficking ring. The story is overly contrived, but director William Castle extracts strong performances from his leads, who include Shelley Winters and John McIntire. Taking a prominent supporting role as a mute killer is a young contract player gaining valuable experience, Anthony (later Tony) Curtis.
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Johnny Stool Pigeon [1949] [DVD]

Johnny Stool Pigeon
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