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Intrigue [1947] [DVD]

George Raft (actor)
June Havoc (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 105 min
Quality: Very Good

Into a web of Asian intrigue flies, from a `secret airstrip in French Indochina today,' pilot George Raft; at the center of the web waits spider-woman June Havoc. Raft is the sole survivor of four wartime buddies discharged by court-martial; now he runs contraband. But the risks are high and he wants more money; his superior (Marvin Miller) balks so Raft goes over his head to the boss (Havoc).

She runs her criminal empire garbed in elaborate ladies'-longs and makes him her partner - and maybe something more. But another side of him pulls him toward Helena Carter, come from the States to vindicate her dead brother, one of his disgraced buddies. And into the mix, too, comes another old friend (Tom Tully), a roving newspaper man investigating the black market that keeps the city's populace near starvation but that's also Raft's bread and butter.

The sloe-eyed orphans which Carter helps to feed start to gnaw away at Raft's sense of his `right to live first cabin.'
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 Intrigue [1947] dvd
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