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Inside Detroit [1956] [DVD]

Dennis O'Keefe (actor)
Pat O'Brien (actor)

Format: all-region dvd
Runtime: 1h22m
Quality: Very good 4:3 b/w

This film begins with a mafia boss by the name of "Gus Linden" (Pat O'Brien) about to be freed from prison after serving five years for racketeering while at the head of the United Auto Workers labor union in Detroit. And during that time he has spent a lot of thought on how to resume his activities once he gets out. Naturally, knowing just how corrupt Gus was when he led the organization, the current labor leader, "Blair Vickers" (Dennis O'Keefe) obviously doesn't want him coming back to power. With than in mind, he has also spent some time attempting to counter whatever plans Gus has made. Yet, try though he might, Gus is a man who doesn't abide by the rules and stopping his steady rise to power will be very difficult. ~ imdb
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Inside Detroit [1956] [DVD]
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Inside Detroit
[1956] [DVD]
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