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He Who Rides a Tiger [1965] [DVD]

Tom Bell (actor)
Judi Dench (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 98 min
Quality: Very Good

This crime melodrama is a "kitchen sink" tale overflowing with soap that's as unpredictable as its cat burglar protagonist, played by Tom Bell. One moment he's soft on orphans and the eager Judi Dench; the next he's stealing jewels from stately homes and erupting into demented violence at the slightest provocation. Bell admirably combines both personality traits in his performance.

Crime drama starring Tom Bell and Judi Dench. A schizophrenic burglar falls in love with a young orphanage worker who has no idea of the double life he is leading.
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He Who Rides a Tiger [1965] dvd
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