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Flaming Frontier [1958] [DVD]

Bruce Bennett (actor)
Jim Davis (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h 9m
Quality: Very good, b/w, w/s

When food supplies to the Union forces from the Midwest are interrupted by an Indian uprising, Abraham Lincoln sends Capt. James Huston to intervene. Huston is half-Sioux, and he and the leader of the uprising, Little Crow, grew up as friends. Huston heads to Fort Ridgely in Minnesota, which is under the command of Col. Hugh Carver, who despises the Sioux. Carver's brother, Dan Carver, owns the local trading post, and is one of the leading land dealers in the area. Dan and the local Indian agent, Jeff Baxter, want to exterminate the Sioux so that they can take over their lands to sell it to settlers...
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Flaming Frontier [1958] [DVD]
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Flaming Frontier
[1958] [DVD]
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