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Dual Alibi [1946] [DVD]

Herbert Lom (actor)
Phyllis Dixey (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 81 min
Quality: vhs

Herbert Lom essays a dual role as a team of trapeze artists. When a circus colleague finds himself in possession of a winning lottery ticket, the twins conspire to kill the man and claim the fortune for themselves. One twin makes certain to establish an alibi for the other, so that no one will suspect the pair of the crime.

But blood isn't quite as thick as greed, and the twins come to a bad end when they fall out over their ill-gotten gains. Dual Alibi uses its meager budget to its advantage; most of the film is photographed with deep, dark shadows, which serve to hide any deficiencies in the split-screen work.
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Dual Alibi [1946] dvd
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