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Craig's Wife [1936] [DVD]

Rosalind Russell (actor)
John Boles (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h13
Quality: Excellent, 4:3, b/w.

In Rye, New York, wealthy Walter Craig loves his wife, Harriet Craig. Conversely, Harriet, unaware to Walter, married him solely for independence, she believing that love in the romantic sense only complicates marriage. She focuses all of her energies on ensuring that the house in which they live is maintained to her standards, where everything and everyone has their proper place, leading to the household domestics, who do what they're told regardless, having a sense of contempt for her under their breath.

To Harriet, Walter is purely a means to the end of that perfect house. Without Walter having realized it, Harriet, as was her want, has isolated them in their house, his friends who have slowly distanced themselves from him in not wanting to deal with her. Besides the domestics, the only person allowed in the house is Walter's maternal Aunt Ellen, who lives with them in she being his protector against Harriet, unlike Walter's belief that he is taking care of her.

Harriet wants the respect of the neighbors, who she wants only to imagine the perfection that lies behind the closed and locked doors to them. A series of events including with her hospitalized sister in Albany and her sister's niece Ethel Landreth, and with Walter's troubled friend Fergus Passmore leads to Harriet getting what she outwardly wants without she realizing that it may not be what she really wants until it's too late. ~ imdb.
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Craig's Wife [1936] [DVD]
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Craig's Wife
[1936] [DVD]
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