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Conflict of Wings [1954] [DVD]

John Gregson (actor)
Muriel Pavlow (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 82 min
Quality: Very Good

The borrowings come thick and fast in this sentimental rural drama. The most obvious source is the wartime allegory Tawny Pipit, with more than a hint of The Titfield Thunderbolt and Passport to Pimlico. But, while it never lives up to its illustrious ancestry, this is still a pleasing little picture, with the Norfolk Broads looking lovely in Arthur Grant and Martin Curtis's washed-out colour photography.

The folklore behind the tale is charming, there are a couple of tear-jerking moments and a rousing rally-round finale, which, like so much else in this Group Three production, has that Ealing ring.

Comedy starring John Gregson. The residents of a Norfolk village join forces to try and stop the RAF turning a local bird sanctuary into a firing range.
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Conflict of Wings [1954] dvd
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