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Big Man on Campus [1989] [DVD]

Allan Katz (actor)
Melora Hardin (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 105 min
Quality: Digital / Widescreen (NTSC or PAL)

Allan Katz, who also wrote the script, steals the show here as “Bob Maloogalooga-Loogaloogalooga” mainly because, for all his grunts and rampaging, he never forgets to make his wild man character lovable. Mr Looga is a feral man discovered living secretly on a Californian university campus.

Melora Hardin plays the student who volunteers to civilise him, investing her role with a sweetness that's both fresh and amazingly lifelike. As engaging as the film is, it's more pleasant than laugh-out-loud funny.
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Big Man on Campus [1989] dvd

Big Man on Campus
[1989] [DVD]
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