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Anybody's Nightmare [2001] [DVD]

Patricia Routledge (actor)
Georgina Sutcliffe (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 97 min
Quality: Digital

Anybody's Nightmare is a 2001 British television film starring Patricia Routledge and Nicola Redmond. It tells the true story of music teacher Sheila Bowler who was wrongly arrested, tried and convicted for the murder of her husband's 89 year old aunt Florence Jackson in 1993 after she drowned in the river Brede in East Sussex in 1992.

The film chronicles the investigation, trial and the subsequent four years of Sheila's sentence in Holloway and Bullwood Prison before her successful appeal in 1998.

From a digital TV broadcast.
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Anybody's Nightmare 2001 DVD
Anybody's Nightmare
[2001] [DVD]
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