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Adventure in the Hopfields [1954] [DVD]

Mandy Miller (actor)
Hilda Fenemore (actor)

Format: all-region
Runtime 1h
Quality: Digital, b&w, 4:3

"Mandy Miller demonstrates that her captivating performance as 'Mandy' was no flash in the pan in what is easily the most delightful and accomplished Children's Film Foundation presentation - directed by an up-and coming John Guillermin - I've so far seen. (I wonder what changes were made to the revised edition of 1972 the credits on the print on Talking Pictures declare it to be?) Beautifully shot by Ken Talbot in Kent in what was obviously a glorious summer in 1953 (when 45/- was an eye-watering sum to pay for a ceramic dog) with a lively score by an uncredited Ronald Binge. Obviously young Jenny doesn't go to her local pictures often enough or she would have seen Harold Lang play spivs often enough to have given him a wide berth; but he's here playing a good guy and for a CFF production there's an unusual absence of out-and-out villains, even young tearaway Melvyn Hayes coming through in the end. The amazing cast also ranges from a young Dandy Nichols and Edward Judd to an even younger Jane Asher."~ imdb
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Adventure in the Hopfields [1954] [DVD]
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Adventure in the Hopfields
[1954] [DVD]
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