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3 on a Couch [1966] [DVD]

Jerry Lewis (actor)
Janet Leigh (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 104 min
Quality: Digital, w/s, colour

Summary: An artist hopes to persuade his psychiatrist girlfriend to live with him in Paris, but she is unable to leave her three patients, who all have a pathological hatred of men. He adopts a variety of fake identities as part of a plan to cure the three women of their condition. Comedy, directed by and starring Jerry Lewis. With Janet Leigh.

In an art competition, Jerry Lewis wins F30,000 and a commission to paint a prestigious mural in Paris. His fiancée, psychiatrist Janet Leigh, is reluctant to go with him, however, as she is the middle of delicate therapy with three women who have suffered at the hands of thoughtless men. Lewis takes the drastic step of trying to cure the women himself, by befriending them in the guise of their ideal man. The ruse works and the women improve dramatically, their faith in men seemingly restored - but at what cost? The idiosyncratic Jerry Lewis is more restrained than normal in this clumsy comedy that nonetheless contains moments of genius.
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3 on a Couch [1966] [DVD]
3 on a Couch
[1966] [DVD]
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