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'That bit of foam made me smile..'
"My dvd The Steel Bayonet arrived the other day in perfect condition, many thanks. It is for me a great pleasure indeed when I can do business with a company who really cares about the oldies, that small piece of polystyrene in the box has impressed me, you cannot imagine. I can think of several distributors who could well use your techniques to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, rather than discs arriving, in some case, mortally damaged, again well done and many thanks."

Anthony Attard was impressed..
We received a nice email from the writer of the 1979 film, That Summer. Anthony Attard wrote:

Many thanks indeed for the dvd. They say, "Everything comes to those that wait." Simply amazing how staying in a hotel in St Ives last week and a chance conversation with a movie buff member of the staff led me to you. We watched the film this afternoon. Incredible that 31 years after the making of the film, my wife has finally been able to see it. It is only the second time I have seen it.

I couldn't recall most of the film's action. I wrote the original screenplay, the basic plotline was in the film but my script was much tougher and better dialogue. The producers brought in a female writer and she watered the script down. Columbia didn't like the finished film and asked what happened to my script? So, it's why they never got behind the film and buried it. I have to say that rather than share the screenplay credit I still have absolutely no regrets about telling my agent I wanted just a simple "from an original story by..." credit. But, it was good to see young Ray Winstone again, and the film certainly brought back good memories of fun times during summer seasons in Torquay - the 'English Riviera' back then - in the 'sixties Ah, sweet days of youth! Again, many thanks! Anthony

Footnote: we supplied this dvd to the director Harley Cokeliss for his summer screening of this film on Torquay beach.

Mark Lindsay Chapman
This highly underated actor recently spent some time here in Surrey and we certainly had some good nights out! He has been in the movie business since 1987. He was originally picked to play the part of John Lennon in a movie but after Yoko Ono discovered his name was coincidently the same as the real life killer Mark Chapman, she blocked it. He became famous overnight after appearing on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and made a couple of movies, Annihilator and American Gothic. He then moved onto tv series, starting in Dallas, then Falcon Crest, Swamp Thing, Murder She Wrote and Days Of Our Lives among them. In 1995 he starred in Stephen King's The Langoliers, which is well known for its cult status amongst the Sci-Fi fraternity. In 1997 Mark had a major role in James Cameron's Titanic, where he played the part of Chief Officer Wilde, a real-life hero. Thank you for the signed photo I have on display in the shop! He recently played John Lennon in the film Chapter 27. Mark has now returned to California and is looking to start a new project.

The Golden Age of Hollywood
The period between 1930 and 1950 marked a significant era in the history of the film industry, often referred to as the "Golden Age of Hollywood." During these two decades, the American film industry experienced unprecedented growth and innovation, solidifying its position as a global entertainment powerhouse. This essay explores the major developments and transformations in Hollywood during this period, focusing on the economic, technological, and creative aspects that shaped the industry. Read More..

The Influence of the Film Industry from 1950 to 1980
The period from 1950 to 1980 was a transformative era for the film industry. This era marked significant changes in technology, culture, and society that left an indelible mark on the way we create, consume, and think about movies. In this exploration, we will delve into the key influences that shaped the film industry during this time, touching upon technological advancements, shifts in cultural norms, and the emergence of influential filmmakers. Read More..
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