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Heavy Weather [1995] [DVD]

Judy Parfitt (actor)
Richard Briers (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 103 min
Quality: Very Good

Heavy Weather is one of the merriest Wodehouse adaptations. Peter O'Toole is nearly over the top as a Lord Emsworth, the owner of the empress von Blandings, its prize pig, but more perfectly it is so convincingly dotty and its TIMING like that, that all possible Quibbles are deleted immediately by the memory.

It is partnered by wonderfully droll a Galahad Threepwood (its brother) easily from Richard Briers and their gorgon sister Connie, and Judy Parfitt, her neck muscles alone speaks volumes. Samuel the west is a perfect Bertie Wooster like Airhead, always a central Wodehouse letter. There are two secondary letters, which steal throughout her scenes, David Bambers oily P.I. Pilbeam and Richard Johnsons irascible Lord Tibury.
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Heavy Weather DVD
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