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The Black Castle [1952] [DVD]

Richard Greene (actor)
Boris Karloff (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 82 min
Quality: Digital

Swashbuckling adventurer Richard Greene (clearly rehearsing for his TV Robin Hood fame) believes that sinister Austrian count Stephen MacNally has captured and killed two of his friends in this half-hearted Most Dangerous Game rerun. So it's off to the count's sinister castle where he braves secret passageways, torture chambers, prowling leopards and a moat filled with alligators before falling in love with the count's unhappy wife (Rita Corday).

Boris Karloff does little but stand around looking ominous as the imprisoned doctor, although he turns out to be Greene's saviour in this tame, dull Gothic horror marking the feature debut of director Nathan Juran.
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The Black Castle [1952] [DVD]
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