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House of Secrets [1956] [DVD]

Michael Craig (actor)
Brenda de Banzie (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 93 min
Quality: Excellent

Gripping espionage adventure set mostly in Paris that was a box-office sleeper in its day. Director Guy Green, a cinematographer to David Lean, takes care to frame his patchy plot with crisp visuals and handsome locations.

Newly docked in Marseille, suave and courageous merchant sailor Larry Ellis (Michael Craig) is assigned to pose as his own double, a renowned counterfeiter recently killed in a car crash, in an effort to expose a gang of ruthless French crooks. Once inside the gang, Ellis discovers that they plan to flood Britain with forged currency, but his audacity leaves him in trouble when he discovers he’s under suspicion of double-dealing from all sides.
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House of Secrets [1956] dvd
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