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L'Agression [1972] [DVD]

Jean-Louis Trintignant (actor)
Catherine Deneuve (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 101 min
Quality: Acceptable

A French motorcycle picture which, though based on John Buell's novel The Shrewsdale Exit, transcends the limitations of imitating the American genre, and offers in its place a sustained attack on French middle class values.

Trintignant goes on a trail of revenge after the rape and murder of his wife and daughter; bourgeois dream disintegrates into nightmare, but the seeds of destruction are shown to be internal.

Deneuve, as Trintignant's sister-in-law, provides the film's emotional core with a fine performance, her presence questioning male assumptions, even when her lines don't.
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L'Agression [1972] dvd
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